Milking Parlor For Sale

For Sale - Complete Milking Parlor originally installed in 2000

    - double 7 herringbone

    - Blue Diamond Contour stalling, all stainless steel

    - air indexing, air operated gates

    - Westfalia ACR SS all stainless takeoffs

    - Germania X3 top unloading claws

    - 8 Westfalia vacuum operated weigh jars

    - 6 Delaval manual valve weigh jars

    - 3" low line, receiver, trap and 1hp milk pump

    - Surge Pulsation and two electronic pulsation controllers

    - Delaval 10hp water-ring vacuum pump

    - 2hp compressor and 60 gallon air tank

    - Surge Electrobrain automatic washer control, stainless sink

    - Delaval 57 plate cooler and valving

    - piping, valving and vacuum header tank 

    - several spare takeoff units and weigh jars

    - spare valves and diaphragms for takeoffs and weigh jars

 This parlor is currently installed and used to milk my herd of 125 cows, the stalling was new in 2000 and the rest of the parlor was a mixture of new at that time and some parts we obtained used to complete the installation.  The system is a mixture of different brands but everything works well together and has been good to us, however we have decided to take the business in a different direction so the parlor needs to be sold.

I will be removing the parlor in late May, if you would like to see it in operation and installed it would need to be soon. It should be available for sale in mid July or so as I need to use some of the components for a few months to milk my cows in a temporary location. 

Please do not hesitate to call or email me for any further questions or clarification.  I am asking $70000 for the complete installation but this is open to negotiation as selling parlors is certainly not something I do every day.

Any questions - cell phone 807-6264733